‘Bags of Talent’ ~ Meet our ReFound Bag Design Competition Winners – Esme & Billy Edwards

We’re on to the final installment of our Meet the Maker series on our ReFound Tote Bag Design Competition winners! Introducing Esme & Billy Edwards – the creative mind behind the ‘ReFound Storage Unit’ Bag – an inventive pair who are dab hands with recycled materials!

Tell us a bit about yourself…..

We are both retired teachers and have enjoyed having time over the last few years to help with our lovely three little granddaughters. We both try to play golf! Billy enjoys playing guitar and singing in choirs. I enjoy sewing, patchwork and appliqué.

What inspired you to take part in ReFound tote bag competition?

The challenge. Over the years we have made various items for our home and love the challenge of making something new from something old.

What’s the story behind your design?

The design is of a storage unit we made for our home from found materials. We needed some storage from make-up, jewellery etc so we used cardboard tubing from our kitchen vinyl and some posts from an old broken shelf and fused them together to form a unit which hangs proudly in a corner of the bedroom. The colours changes whenever the bedroom gets a makeover.

What makes recycled, repurposed interior style special for you?

I love all things old and vintage reused in a new life. My mother in the 60s was painting bedroom furniture to give it a new lease of life, so it must be in the genes! Recycling items gives them back a life rather than being destined for the scrap heap. There is so much more style in vintage furniture.

What do you love about ReFound?

It gives a great opportunity to up and coming young artists, as well as providing a creative venue and a lovely place to browse. It is an outlet for beautiful furniture and other items which are reused or restyled.

Do you have a favourite ReFound piece?

It has to be the singer table we bought. It is full of the history of the Copeland Mills, the sounds of the singer sewing machines in the bustling factory of years ago, and now provides a lovely, useful piece of recycled furniture for my home.

A big thanks to Esme and all the participants for their fantastic designs – we hope you’ll check out our bespoke bags and be inspired by the creativity and personal stories behind each one!

If you are a maker-artist-designer and would like to become involved in the next ReFound project – we are currently looking for contributions on the theme of the upcoming Giro D’Italia cycling race in Belfast! Click here for more info.

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