Apothecary/Chemist’s Drawer with Bakelite Handle


Apothecary/Chemist’s Drawer with Bakelite Handle


Gorgeous vintage apothecary/chemistry lab small sectioned drawer, from a selection.

Some have two dividers, some one, and some are just one long, narrow drawer.

Some have cream Bakelite handles, some black Bakelite.

You can have a lucky dip, or just give us a message if you’d like any style in particular.

Each drawer front is 10.5cm x 10.5cm, and 32.5cm long.

Perfect for small bathroom, kitchen and jewellery storage, or for shop display.

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ReFound Vintage

ReFound Vintage is our own special range of found furniture and homewares re-purposed by our in-house creative team. In simple yet creative ways unwanted items are transformed into beautiful pieces of contemporary design.

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