Baroque it Up!

  This month we have been flicking back through the pages of style history, experimenting with looks that marry Baroque luxury with the industrial style of the mechanical revolution….

Dolce & Gabbana showcase Baroque glamour (image courtesty of IBTimes)

Luxurious fabrics, metallics, excessive ornamentation and swirling florals: the Baroque period’s legacy continues to influence design throughout the ages, from fashion to furniture to architecture. It’s heyday was in the royal courts of 17th century Europe where the more luxurious and grandiose your décor, the more you boasted wealth, status and international connections.

The Baroque style grew out of a rejection of precisely what the industrial look represents: regimented lines and scientific approaches to creating things. It reflects a love of over-the-top decoration, lavishness and little regard for functionality – it’s design as pure theatre.

So all this indulgence and excess might seem the complete antithesis to the modernist lines of today’s industrial zeitgeist. Yet the two looks bring drama in completely different ways, creating a pleasing contradiction between rusty and royal, factory and finery.

Create the look:

Try combining faded velvets and mottled glass surfaces with distressed painted textures, concrete and harsh metallic shapes – the more decay and distress the better. For colour palette, think black, gold, pewter, rich purples, red and peacock blues (aged, faded versions of these are perfect).

Contrast geometric imagery with chandelier lighting and aged gilded frames for a look that is reminiscent of both the lavish legacy of lost centuries and the paired back modernity of the factory age. If you are more industrial lover than baroque dramatist; even a nod to the latter in the form of a chandelier, gilded mirror or ornamental table leg within a purely industrial style room can provide a subtle but striking counterbalance…

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chair and coat stand

Baroque style chair & ornate coat stand, ReFound


Upcycled gilded ornate mirror, (click to buy), Refound


4chair detail

Baroque style chair (detail)

victorian table4

Gilt decorative table, ReFound / On The Square

Industrial Pipe with Edison light bulbes

Industrial Pipe with Edison light bulbs

Ornate coat stand (detail)

5light 8

Bell-jar lamp, ReFound





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