Meet Our Intern – Carly Walsh

At Refound we love collaborating with new designers, and helping them to develop their skills and careers.

We always have at least one intern working with us, so we thought it would be great to introduce them to our customers.

Our lovely and talented intern Carly has written a bit about herself…


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Hi I am Carly Walsh a product and furniture design graduate from Ulster University. I studied art and design for many years before specialising interior product and furniture design. After graduating I spent a year working in theatre in various roles such as props and costume designer, stage manager, set and graphic designer and creative associate for a theatre company. This provided me with invaluable experiences working in the creative arts with a variety of artists and designers, although my passion lies with designing my own products and furniture, and so I joined the ReFound team which has enabled me to work more directly with furniture and products. I have a specific interest in mid century furniture and refound is a place where I can enjoy working with such beautiful pieces and redesign and upcycle them into more sustainable and desirable products. Early July I became aware that ReFound required an intern and although I was also still working in theatre and on tour a lot, it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass and thankfully refound were very understanding and flexible with me dividing my time between both jobs. I like the versatility and wide range of products in refound as I have a varied background and interest in many areas of design such as furniture, lighting, interior and graphic design, all areas that I have been able to get involved in at refound.

Right from the beginning with ReFound I got very hands on with designing artwork for products and events and marketing them. I’ve also designed window displays and created photo-shoots. And soon became more involved in the reclamation of vintage furniture, for example up cycling chairs using processes of painting, upholstering and finishing, and with complete control over the design, which I really appreciated having the freedom of exploration with the furniture.

After just a few months I then got involved in ReFound’s new masterclasses and had the opportunity to assist in teaching the public how to upcycle furniture. And also helped in the development of various other exhibitions and events such as Belfast Design Week. I have a passion for sustainable design and mid century furniture and highly appreciate the aesthetics, history and the longevity in the products at refound, its very exciting working with such rare and beautifully crafted pieces and adding my own ideas to the product and becoming a part of its history. The upcycled and reclaimed furniture and products at refound is a great approach in promoting sustainable design.

In the art and design industry is essential to build relationships and network while moving forward in your career. Through working at refound I have been able to meet and work with other designers and artists, which has giving me more confidence in both my work and myself.
I have also developed new skills and experience that has helped me gain new job opportunities. Being a recent graduate it’s very difficult to get a job without industry experience and with ReFound I have been able to expand my CV, gain experience and generate professional contacts.
– I highly recommend doing an internship at refound.

Below is a link to my article on sustainable design, published by Belfast Design Week.

We always welcome applications from interns,

so if you are interested in working with us feel free to get on contact!!

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