Ail + El

Ail+el have known each other for an awfully long time…..

The story begins in Dublin when Aileen Balfe and Eleanor McCaughey started a beautiful friendship. Their great comradery resulted in many adventures and creative endeavours such as rearranging their bedrooms, creating a toilet paper clothing range for Barbie, doing knick-knacks, and pretending to be cats. When Aileen and Eleanor got older they redirected their creative energies into other pursuits. Aileen went on to study Furniture Design and Textiles while Eleanor studied Graphic Design and Fine art.

In recent times the creative pair decided to collaborate to create ail+el. ail+el’s collection focuses on the artistic process, creating products that are both functional and aesthetic. ail+el’s line is influenced by their love of art and design. Joining forces Aileen and Eleanor’s experiences and styles are layered together to inspire pieces that are thoughtfully designed and uniquely crafted.

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