Peter Strain Bespoke Design

Here at ReFound we work with local artists to create our own range of beautiful up-cycled interior pieces. Both artists and designers inspire us to create original pieces of furniture that are functional around your home.

With our increasing amount of commissions and bespoke design work that we do, working with our clients is an exciting and fun experience so we would love to share some of this with you.

In collaboration with ReFound artist Peter Strain we created this one-of-a-kind, bespoke printed design and re-upholstered chair. Peter Strain is one of many Artists that we collaborate with. He is an AOI Award winning illustrator working and living in Belfast. His work is inspired by film and music as well as social, political and cultural issues. He tackles these with a highly distinctive hand lettering style, bold imagery and humor. This bespoke chair is now sitting comfortably in our store and is a prime example of how art, craft and design unite. We are looking forward to lots of fun projects to create a bespoke design that is perfect for you!









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