Meet the Maker ~ Giro 2014 Special: Emma Jackson, Belfast Illustrator & Printer

Our Giro 2014 themed pop up showcase ‘The Creative Cycle’ begins this week in time with the launch of the special cyce race itself in Belfast! So we thought we’d throw the spotlight on one of the clever clogs who has contributed some handmade gems to the show…

Meet Emma Jackson, Belfast printmaker and illustrator who has created a limited edition range of original lino prints showcasing the history of the bicycle for our vintage cycle themed show – have a peek at them in our online shop!

We  caught up with her to find out what inspires her beautiful work and what makes being a maker so much fun!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your brand / work– how did you come to be a maker?

I graduated last summer from Falmouth University with a degree in Illustration, and returned home to start working freelance. I’ve always been drawn to a more handmade approach although my work tends to be graphic in style.

Can you describe the process behind the making of your work?

For this series of bicycle prints I sketched all five out together, to make sure the composition worked as a set. I then worked on each individually, drawing them up to size and making sure they all worked individually as well. Each design was then hand-carved from A3 lino blocks and printed.

How does your product fit into ReFound’s ‘Art of Reclamation’ ethos?

The brief indicated a ‘nod to the past’, which is exactly what I wanted to create with the series. I love beautiful old cycling posters and thought if I could recreate a glimpse of that, I’d be happy.

What’s the inspiration behind your brand?

Each project I work on, I’d say is mostly inspired by the brief to begin with. From there I throw in my own interests and interpretations to create something that visually represents my thoughts.

What statement do you think your work makes?

I think/ I hope it appeals to a pretty wide audience, and stands out to people who share my love of the handmade approach.

What’s the most rewarding thing about doing what you do?

Creating something completely new and completely from scratch. The most rewarding part of the process is lifting the paper off to reveal the print, and finally seeing what the finished product looks like, complete with all its little printing marks that make each one unique.

You can browse and buy Emma’s cycle prints in our online shop

Find out more about her work and other projects by visiting her website at

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