Meet the Maker: Loving Spoonful’s handcrafted vintage cutlery jewellery

In our latest edition of Meet The Maker, John Bird of Loving Spoonful takes us through his fascinating process of turning beautiful silver spoons into even-more-beautiful jewellery.

1. Pliers,side cutters,wire-end caps and beads are used in the first stage.

photo 1(4)

2. All beads and end caps are threaded unto the wire and the access wire removed with the side cutters.

photo 2(5)

3. The end caps are soldered on.

photo 1(5)

4. The spoon is cut using a disc cutter power tool.

photo 2(6)

5. The stem of the spoon is bent to receive the chain using cone shaped pliers.

photo 5(1)

6. The bowl of the spoon is compressed in a machine vice.

photo 2(4)

7. The beads are glued inside the compressed spoon.

photo 4(2)

8. The completed pendant with silver plated belcher chain.

photo 5

Such a simple process, with such elegant results!

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Many thanks to The Patchwork Quill for writing this piece for us.

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