a TASTE of ReFound

Yes… we are moving into  the full ‘refound experience’.

HOME takes our ReFound pop-up shops to the next stage, allowing you to sit in and enjoy an environment with our furniture.  Sampling the HOME pop-up restaurant hopes to give diners a sense of re-found experiences where the food will inspire homeliness and comfort and furniture that will remind you of your childhood.  And the interior will be changing regularly as and when furniture is sold and replenished!

Contributing local ReFound artists include:

Jill Black, Cassie Binkley, Jude Cassidy, Nina Couser, Susie Cuthill, Phil Egner, Jennifer Hanley, Anushiya Sunda, Shauna McGowan, Gareth Martin, Rachel McKnight.

HOME, 8 Callender Street, Belfast. 07936292502.  http://homepopup.com

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